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    My kids Vampire Story is in the Appstore! Thanks to the group

    monkey500 Level 1

      Hi guys,

      Thanks so much to everyone who helped me out on this forum. I'm a designer, so I've had to learn AS3 and learn about all this app stuff too. It's been a huge learning experience.


      Special thanks to Colin Holgate , who's come to my rescue many times - even at the last minute when uploading my binary! Colin - you're a genius!


      Technicals: Flash CS 5.5, Air 2.7. Mostly vector graphics, with some bitmap backgrounds for scenes with a lot of movement. Stage quality = 'high' - I wanted it to look good.


      It's really meant for the iPad. I recently tested it on an iPod touch, and it was very slow. It's early days.


      Promo video:





      iTUNES Appstore link:


      Vlad's Vampire Bats





      Matt (UK)