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    check if a component exists in document thanks to its ID


      Hi !


      I m using a flex app which communicates with AS/400 server thanks to HTTP Service.


      I'm checking forms with an RPG program which sends me an xml result with the name of incorrect fields.


      I give you an exemple


      myResultXML:XML = result returned by RPG program;


      for i = 0; i < myResultXML.field.length; i++


           i do something with document[myResultXML.field[i]]



      The problem is : if the component with the ID myResultXML.field[i] doesnt exist in document, Flash player gives an error even if i try if(document[myResultXML.field[i]] != null)


      Is there a way to know if a component which ID is the string in myResultXML.field[i] exist in document ? Like an "exists()" method which returned true or false.