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    Premiere Pro Cs5.5 suddenly stop recognizing my 24''inch second display on my imac


      Hi there,


      I have Premiere Pro installed on my imac 27inch with an ATI Radeon HD 4850. 'Til yesterday it had been working properly but all of a sudden stop to playing video on my second display. If I go to the "Playback settings", either source or program monitor ones, it seems like PP can't see the display anymore. I did reboot everything, actually several times but nothing worked. Does anyone knows if there's a preference file in the mac's library that can be gone corrupted or any other solution to my issue?


      I should say the display is a Philips 241E1 full hd although I don't think that is gonna make any difference. Sometimes I also plug in my Sony Bravia 40inch hdtv through a DVI to HDMI adapter and always PP recognized both.


      It didn't happen while performing this operation but just while editing some stuff.


      Any suggestion to this is gonna be warmly appreciated, thanks.