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    Fireworks CS4 & CS5 application frame bug in OSX Lion


      I've had this problem before with Snow Leopard and CS4, never resolved it without the below, and it's bugging me to the point I don't want to pay for an upgrade to CS5 as it's still there in CS5, and I dreamed it might not be!


      I know the following facts:


      It doesn't exhibit on a clean OSX install.

      It doesn't exhibit on a new user account on the same machine.

      It doesn't go wrong for ages, but when it does it's impossible to fix without a clean install of OSX

      Deleting everything realted to Adobe/Fireworks (there must be something I miss - anoyone got  a list?) and re-installing CS4 or CS5 doesn't fix it.

      It's related to screen resolution (2560x1600) as it doesn't exhibit if I change the resolution, but I'm not going to run in anthing less than native on my cinema screen as that's pointless.


      What happens?


      Open or create a new document whilst using the application frame and the whole frame jumps full screen then up and left (out of bounds slightly) and sometimes the frame is over the image. 


      Sometimes it can be recovered by dragging the frame (if it didn't go outside full screen)  It makes using CS4 or CS5 a nightmare.


      I'd like to know where it gets the notion to move the frame/go full screen, and how I can reset this weird and annoying behaviour.


      Having to run Fireworks in a new account is a PITA.



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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Two suggestions


          1-You can try deleting the "Macromedia" folder in the ~/Library/Preferences/ folder. Others have reported success with this.

          2-If you are using the FlashFireBug plugin for Firefox, uninstall it. Other's have reported incompatibility problems with it.

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            boldfysh Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestions, but neither made a difference.


            It still opens fullscreen then snaps back to the frame, but the frame moves to top left, minus about 50px, so it's under the menu bar and off to the left.


            It's as if it's got some weird reference for the size of the frame and where it is, but it doesn't appear to be getting it from any of the FWCS5 preferences, I went right through the system uninstalling everything Adobe/Macromedia from every library/system folder, even managing to reset the trial counter (until it logged into my Adobe ID) but it still does it when installed.


            I wish I could find the conflicting app - it's a real PITA.

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              boldfysh Level 1



              After a couple of hours fruitless application conflict searching I stumbled on a solution.


              I tried the FW without the frame, and didn't like the way the bottom bar sat by the dock, so I turned on dock hiding, the bottom bar then snaps to the bottom of the screen.


              Went back to application frame on and was amazed to find that everything was now working as expected.


              I assumed it was to do with dock hiding, so unhid it, but FW still works fine.  Thought maybe it was to do with the number of icons in the dock (I have over 40) or the dock size, but can't replicate the problem in my other user account, so I can only assume the following:


              During the course of an editing session with multiple windows open and maybe with the FW window pushed under the dock and maybe opening a new file from finder in FW - maybe this is when it gets confused. - that would be a typical work pattern for me.


              So, no matter any more, I have a fix for next time - hide the dock, see if it resolves, if not hide the dock allow it to open in the non frame mode to full edges of the screen, see if that fixes it.


              It explains why a pristine user doesn't have the problem - small dock, it explains why a fresh install is okay for a while - dock not full of applications *I Must Have*  maybe someone somewhere can replicate the bug and fix it.


              *happy face*

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                Thanks! I was having a similar problem in Photoshop CS5 in OSX Lion where the document window wouldn't show and I had to switch to application frame to see the document. I moved the dock and the window popped right up!

                What a weird glitch.