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    Can't install Adobe Flash Player 11


      Hi guys.


      I have a big problem, the flash player simply dosen't want to install, it simply dissapears, i gonna type the exact steps i took for this to happen.

      Open mozilla firefox-Go to adobe site-find flash player-click on Download now- it takes me to download page all thing normal it pops up for download, after i download it i click on open containing folder and it takes me to the program, i right click then i click on Run As Administrator, HERE is the problem, after i click on OK (after it asks me for permission) Adobe Flash Player simply dissapears and no installer appears, however it does appear on the process list (using like 10k memory) and i must close it using end process since it only stays there doing absolutely nothing. Any help please?

      Additional Info: OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

                               CPU: Core i5 760 @ 4GHz

                               RAM: 4GB at 1200Mhz (1333MHz normal)

                               PSU: 750W power-supply.