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    How to complete the form "Adobe Runtimes / Reader Distribution License Agreement"


      I've just spent some time chatting with a Adobe license support-engineer who couldn't resolve my question.


      I am planning to distribute Reader and Flash in our windows-domain. I understand all the technical stuff on group policies, installpoints, applying msp's over msi's etc...

      The issue I am having is on completing the Adobe runtimes /reader distribution license agreement request form.



      I don't understand what Adobe want's me to submit in the required field called "Please provide the product or service name and description".


      Call me stupid or stubborn all you want, but I'm reluctant to submit this form(and thus agree to the license) when I don't fully understand it.


      There is no further explanation to be found on this form and a license-support-engineer didn't know either and pointed me to this forum.


      Who here has already filled out this form and can help me with my question?


      Also, if anyone from Adobe reads this, you might want to add some hints on the form or brief you support staff on this.