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    5.5.1 Mac Crashes in Color Correction and Effects Mode

    DMHP Level 1

      This came up at the end of another post, so I am starting a new thread on this specific problem. Sorry for the paragraph copy and slight edit, but thought it would be lost in the wrong thread.


      It is in Color Correction Mode of Premiere 5.5.1 Mac that I am getting most of my crashes. It also happens in Effects Mode as well. When I am working on a sequence applying RGB Curves or Fast Color Corrector to get Luma and contrast to broadcast safe (for instance), someties it will just begin playing clips from the project or a timeline that isn't in the front or even active. Often it happens when I play back the active front sequence and it just starts playing another sequence or clip (not even in the same Bin, necessarily) audio only, so it is hard to tell where it is coming from. When this happens, nothing in the program is active or changeable. You can click away on anything, keystrokes, whatever, and nothing will stop the phantom playback. Sometimes it allows you to save the project and all the windows close, but the program is still open and you must do a "Force Quit" to actually get the computer back. A standard Quit has no effect. A reopen of the program and everything is fine until a few clips/sequences later (can be a while sometimes) and it will do it again. Think there is a bug here, as 5.5.1 was a clean install, etc.  Where is the best place to report this behavior directly? Thanks.