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    IDML opens as "untitled" document



      When I open .idml file in InDesign, it opens as Untitled-# document. Is it possible that when I open .idml it opens as the filename instead of "Untitled-#"?


      What I have is bunch of .idml files, everyday I have to open them one by one, change a few things and then save it as a new file, with the same filename, in a different folder. Of course this task cannot be automated since the changes are extremely random.



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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Well...no, no you can't. That is how it works.

          Is there a reason you're asking in the scripting forum?


          IDML is not really intended as an editing format. Since "Save" or "Save As" won't save an IDML-format file, it would be nearly meaningless to have the filename be related to the IDML filename.


          You could write a script that automatically opens an IDML file and stores the original filename, and then a companion script that exports the currently opened file to that saved filename.


          What are you trying to optimize for, though? Remembering the filename when it comes time to save?

          I suppose you could (or have a script which does) automatically save to filename.indd after you open filename.idml. Then you might have a more sensible default for exporting.


          But that seems cumbersome.


          Perhaps you could tell us more about why you work in IDML as a format rather than INDD.

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            jhapak Level 1

            Basically it is a part of automatic ad placement workflow. IDML is generated by the server on the fly with some ads, text and graphic lines on it. But later the files must be opened to place editorial content. This is why we have got IDML.


            I think your suggestion:

            1. Save IDML as INDD

            2. Open INDD


            using script is the way to go.