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    Trying to switch paper trays using Central 5.7 (Linux)

    andrewbyczko Level 1

      Hi, I know that Central 5.7 for Linux isn't exactly the newest software, but I was hoping someone could help.  I am trying to print to a Canon printer and I want the printer to recognize which tray I want to pull from.  The reason for this is because we print invoices for different countries and each country has it's own preprinted paper.  We have this solution working fine in production, but I'm using Central 5.7 for Linux to update this solution.  I have used the -ati tag, the ^trayin tag, and even tried toggling the -atj option and nothing is working. For some reason the printer thinks I am sending A4 paper to it and it prompts me to pick a tray, since none of our trays have A4 paper in them.  However, the .mdf is compiled with LETTER paper size.  I don't understand why this is happening.  The .mdf is compiled with both a lexmark and hp driver. 


      Here is an example of the tag I am using:


      ^job andrew -***5 -afp/u01/jetform/jfsrvr/forms/ie -afxon -rfold -v0 -ati0 -zPUSDL821


      But I have tried variations of this tag as well and no luck. 


      Also, I think the issue is in my jfmerge.ini file, since the production solution (that is working) is almost identical, but there are variations in the jmerge.ini files.  I tried toggling these values, but also - no luck:





      I have also tried removing the -ati command and just selecting the tray within Adobe Output Designer, but that also results in the same outcome of the printer asking for A4 paper!?


      If anyone has any suggestions/input it would be much appreciated!