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    CS 5.5 Questions:


      CS 5.5 Questions:


      Upgrading from Pro 1.5 I'm used to open an existing title, making a few changes and Ctrl + Shift + S (Save As) a new file.


      When I do these key strokes in CS 5.5 it saves the whole project and I can't find a work around to the Save As feature for titles.




      Working in CS 5.5, I've "Generated Circle" from Effects and want to track a circle round a moving object.


      OK, no problem. Got the circle and can move it around in the Effect Controls > Circle > Center.


      But every so often I can get the hash mark to appear in the circle, "highlighting" the circle and making it possible to move it around manually laying down the Keyframe in real time over the moving video.


      Now I've only been able to do this moving one frame at a time and more often than not, I can't seem to get the Circle Center positioning hash marks to show up.


      It's intermitted, when I click in the monitor window the Motion Position hash mark in the center of the monitor is displayed (I'm using that Effect also to enlarge a 320 x 180 avi clip) .


      Sure would like to track in real time.


      Is there another way to "blow up" a small dimenison clip to fit 4:3 or 16:9?


      Appreciate your any help, thanks.