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    Cannot "brand" loading screen and link in 7.0.7

    Mary S_Shop_W

      We just installed the upgraded 7.0.7 version of Presenter - using PowerPoint 2003. In version 7.0.1 I was able to brand the message that displayed while the course was loading (instead of it saying Adobe Presenter) and also the link on the bottom left of the course (where the Adobe logo is) by just adding the following lines to the vconfi under the <language id="en"> heading:


      <uitext name="LOGOCLICKURL" value="http://www.companyname/training"/>

      <uitext name="ADOBE_PRESENTER" value="Learning & Development"/>


      Now if I add those lines the course will not load - it sticks on the loading screen with the green circle going round and our dept name.


      Has anyone else encountered this and is there a solution?