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    Quiz not working properly with Presenter 7.0.7 in LMS

    Mary S_Shop_W

      I am using Presenter version 7.0.7 and PowerPoint 2003. We previously had version 7.0.1 and quizzes were working fine. However, I re-published a course with 7.0.7 and when uploaded to our LMS the quiz does not work properly if a user fails the quiz. Works fine the first time through, but not if they fail and have to go back.


      The course takes the user back to the beginning (as we wanted), but when they get to the quiz to retake it, they select the correct answer, click Submit, and nothing happens. A message should display either saying "Correct" or "Incorrect" and click to go to next slide. Those messages do not display and the user cannot advance to the next slide by clicking anywhere (which they should be able to).


      It appears that behind the scenes it might be working because if I use the advance/next button at the bottom to go through all the questions after I answer them correctly, it will record that I completed and passed the quiz.


      I ended up uninstalling 7.0.7 and going back to 7.0.1 and it worked fine. However, I would like to know if there is a solution to this issue so we can use 7.0.7.