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    TOC works great in Word buy not Acrobat

    harryglos Level 1

      This is my first time at this and thought the process was seamless. I set up about 160 pages in Word and manually set up the table of contents and it works perfectly in Word 2003. I clicked on the Adobe PDF icon in Word and convert the doc to Acrobat X Pro.  When I open the doc in Acrobat and click on one of the items in the table of contents, it takes me to the right page but not the right part of the page, not the part I clicked on.


      I sure hope there is a good answer, I put a lot of work into the TOC in Word and hope I don't have to start all over again.


      Thanks for your help,



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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Acrobat llinks are not the same as word links. You can only set the page, view, and magnification.

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            CtDave Level 6

            Something to consider —

            Using Acrobat Pro you could post-process the PDF to create named destinations in the PDF and then create/modify links such that they go to the named destination.

            You could also edit the link action to provide a more desired page view/magnification.


            Likely not a fully what you want but, maybe, improved over what you've got just now.


            Be well...

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              harryglos Level 1

              Hey Dave,


              You are probably right if I new enough to follow the bouncing ball. Since I already had the TOC's in Word, I printed them and manually entered them into Acrobat. As it happened the chapter headings came over fine so I just had to manually mark and then bookmark the page. It took the best part of a day but the deed is done and thats the most important right?


              When all is said and done its so much better than the standard TOC you find in an actual book.  The interactiveness of it is really great for the reader. I'm going to include a quick and easy "Read Me" file with my eBook explaining some of the things to make Adobe reader more helpful, knowing people are not going to spend time on there own.