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    Bug with OSMF 1.6 MediaPlayer and swf version = 13.

    abeymg Level 1

      When swf version = 13, the MediaPlayer seems to fire the TimeEvent.COMPLETE event twice for a progressive video playback.

      I debugged it down to the NetStreamTimeTrait. It looks like in the case of a progressive video, the "signalComplete" method is called twice.


      First from the onNetStatus event handler (NetStreamCodes.NETSTREAM_PLAY_STOP) and second from the onPlayStatus event handler (NetStreamCodes.NETSTREAM_PLAY_COMPLETE).

      There seems to be an implicit assumption in onPlayStatus that it should not fire for progressive, but yet it does fire. Looks like a bug to me.


      This is not an issue with swf-version=11


      - Abey