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    Trouble with captions when recording in Banner, an Oracle-based product

    rch_kyukido Level 1

      My team is having trouble with captions during the recording of a session using the Sungard Banner software. Banner is a product that runs on Oracle.


      Below is a screen shot of the caption text Captivate records when recording steps in Banner. In the example, instead of capturing, “Click on Next Block,” it captures “Select Oracle Developer Forms Runtime- Web: Open/SIAINST.”


      caption problem.jpg

      There are some on the team who claim to have seen a similar problem with other Oracle-based products, but we're not 100% sure about that - memories can be fuzzy.


      We are also in a development environment for the Banner product, if that has any impact.


      Any insights would be greatly appreciated - otherwise we need to go in and hand-edit all the captions. (Lots and lots - multiple Captivate recordings).