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    Adobe Premiere Elements Problem


      I have a windows Vista Ultimate Intel Core 2 CPU. 2.40 GHz, and a 4 Gigabyte RAM with a 32-bit operating system. Whenever I try to start Adobe Premiere Elements, I get a message that says "dynamiclinkmanager has stopped working". I typically use Adobe Premiere Elements 9 or 10. It seems that the problem is worse in 10. When I click to close dynamiclinkmanager, it just opens it right back up again. I can not figure out how to stop these messages. I have tried closing dynamiclinkmanager from task manager (As I saw in http://forums.adobe.com/thread/781668). That doesn't seem to work either. I usually have to just minimize the alert, and run Adobe Premiere Elements in front of the alert thing. It is getting very annoying.


      So, my two questions are...

      1. What is dynamiclinkmanager, and what does it do?

      2. How do I solve this problem?







      I appreciate your time and your service.

      Thank you.