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    Plesk - ColdFusion - Godaddy

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      I have been trying to install a godaddy virtual server with the Plesk Power Pack which includes ColdFusion support.


      what a headache!


      Installing CF messes up the whole IIS settings with Plesk and everything requires a user name and password,and it won't recognize the correct one, I think a 401.3 error. Took a day to fix that by using the Plesk re-configurator program from the programs area to do a repair.


      Problem now is that I don't see any settings in the Plesk control panel related to Coldfusion , I see .NET.. ASP, PHP etc, but no coldfusion, it should be in that list, and I should also be able to manage it.


      Is it because I manually installed it through RDC? Instead of a package that I upload into Plesk (don't know how to do that anyway)


      Anybody else got to the bottom of this?


      I'm wondering if it matters, as long as I config CF in the usual manner through the CF admin will Plesk start to mess things up afterwards if I change anything in Plesk?


      Anybody have any experience with this?





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          The situation that you are describing is usually caused by installing a version of ColdFusion that is unsupported by Plesk. Please make sure you are using ColdFusion MX Server v5.x, v6.x or v7.x. Hope this helps.


          James R

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            Hey James


            Thanks for the feedback. I decided to dump Plesk, it was just too difficult/impossible to get CF to work along side it and it seemed to over complicate everything. It was actually quicker to reprovision the server and start from scratch with no control panel. using Godaddy for DNS and as my domains were hosted there I did not have to mess around with DNS entries aside from the Name server change and set up was very easy compared to the plesk nightmare!


            Now if I could only find out how the heck to get my  SQL server to allow remote connections!!!!