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    Help with button behaivour

    markf12 Level 1

      I am making a click thru and exporting as html and images. I have a simple button symbol for the navigation. I can't seem to find how to make the button appear the way I want it to in it's down state. The button up state is black text, text turns white on mouse over. My trouble is that I want it to be white on down. can't seem to make it so.


      here's a link to the file



      Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks.

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          Hi Mark,


          Please read my Step-by-step Rollover Images tutorial for Fireworks and Dreamweaver at: http://www.smartwebby.com/web_site_design/rollover_images.asp.


          - Anita

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            markf12 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply and the link. I don't think the tutorial applies to what I 'm doing, however. I have made a button symbol out of one word -  HOME. I edit the symbol properties to have HOME be black on up, white on over and white on down. Make instances of the symbol for the rest of the navigation.


            Everything works as expected except - The buttons/symbols do not display as white on down. Can't figure out why and any help is most appreciated.


            You should be able to see this at the link above.

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              markf12 Level 1

              I am really struggling with this. I have done some more with it and tried all sorts of various options and etc but the down state of the button/symbols just will not display as white. I'm hoping one of the fireworks experts here can examine the file and see what I have done wrong. I don't have all of the pages created but the nav "THE PROGRAM" is clickable.


              Click that button and the "PHILOSOPHY" page is displayed. The "PROGRAM" should be white/down state as should the sidebar nav "PHILOSOPHY and HISTORY".


              "TESTIMONIAL" is also clickable. When clicked the "TESTIMONIAL" page appears. Again the top nav "THE PROGRAM" should be white/down state as should the sidebar nav "TESTIMONIAL".


              The down state is not working correctly. PLEASE HELP!!!!



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                Linda Nicholls Level 4

                Did you manually copy and paste the text into the different states? If yes, that could be the problem. Try creating the button symbols using the Copy function of the button editor.

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                  markf12 Level 1



                  Thanks for your reply. Yes I did use the copy up graphic function of the button/symbol editor (same as property inspector when in edit symbol mode?) I've tried re-creating the button/symbol from scratch and I've tried having the "Include nav bar Over While Down state" (not really sure what that does) check box selected as well as deselected. Nothing seems to work. I'm afraid this is kind of driving me crazy and messing up my workflow. It seems like a simple and understandable process and I believe I'm following it correctly but........


                  Are you able to view my file from the link above and check out the button/symbol properties and settings?


                  Thanks again for any help.

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                    markf12 Level 1

                    Figured out what the problem was. I had the nav buttons on a layer that I had shared across all of the pages. Once I detached all of the shared layers I was able to set "show down state on load"  for individual pages. Prior  to detaching the layers from each other the "show down state on load" was affecting all instances across all of the pages and that was the root of the problem. sheesh.


                    Thanks to those that offered help!