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    Whats the best workflow?


      Hi, I am an amature videographer and editor, Im loving cs5.5 master collection. I keep going back and forth with ideas for editing workflow, I can't seem to find what works best, this may not be the right forum to post but i'll apreciate any help or suggestions. I use premiere, after effects, and audition mostly, and then encore. It's easiest to explain with an example, I have footage from a wedding I did, and im taking clips from it and puting together a short music video. Ive been using premiere for cutting, and arranging the clips, and using dynamic link for audition, for the audio and after effects to clean up the picture. Audition no problem but when I clean up video with after effects, and come back to preview in premiere, its way too choppy. Im wondering if its advised to clean video with after effects first, and then export and bring into premiere and then cut and arrange? If anyone has any input or advise, thank you and sorry for the silly question. Id like to know how the pro's do it. Thanks