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    Unable to place text


      Our school newspaper just installed InDesign CS4 and now we can no longer place text in our newspaper document like the older InDesign we had. When we go to the "place" button and go through the motions, nothing places on the page. No icon. Nothing shows up. We don't receive any error message either. Instead, students have to copy from Word and paste on the InDesign page, but in doing so they lose all formatting. Everything is gone. This is a waste of their time, but none of our tech people at school know what to do. The staff is extremely frustrated and would greatly appreciate any help they can get.

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Does this have something to do with scripting?


          Are you seeing this on multiple machines? Assuming not, first step is:

          Trash, Replace, Reset, or Restore the application Preferences: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/526990


          Also, you just installed CS4? CS5.5 is current, it's a rather odd time to move to CS4. What's going on?

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            lkuger Level 1

            I have no idea why our school thought this was a good idea. I am at a lost. Also, we are seeing this problem on multiple machines. Suggestions?

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              John Hawkinson Level 5

              Honestly, I recommend you figure out why you're not using CS5.5.


              Try trashing your preferences though.


              When you say the place "button" what do you mean?

              It's either File > Place or the keyboard combination, I don't believe there is a button.


              Does it work with a trivial text file from Notepad/TextEdit?

              (What OS are you using?)


              Does placing imges work?


              And again, why are you posting in the scripting forum? Your question seems to have nothing to do with scripting.


              In case it was not clear, your question doesn't sound familiar, no, and this is not normal behavior.

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                [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                Is the Word document you are trying to place saved as .docx? If so, open it with Word and re-save as .doc or .rtf.


                InDesign CS4 can import .docx files from the first release of Word that saved it natively, but I guess "they" changed just enough of the file format in a newer version to make some files import empty into ID. On ocassion I get this as well: you select a .docx file to place, you get the Loaded Gun cursor, and then nothing is imported. Re-saving in an older file format usually makes it work again.

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                  lkuger Level 1

                  I'm sorry I posted to the scripting forum. I know nothing of any of this and this sounded like a place to ask a question.