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    File format not recognized


      A strange thing.
      I use DNG converte to convert files from SRW ( Samsung NX) to DNG. Currently I have a new samsung NX200.
      The case is strange, because the old program Samsung RAW Converter from 2010 supports files from new camera model NX200. I am surprised with the new DNG does not recognize these files.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It really isn't a strange case at all. Support has to be added for each individual camera model. And if the Samsung camera you are using now is that new then you will have to wait for Adobe to provide the support for that model. I don't know if support has been added for your new NX200 because I don't follow the update list that closely. If the new model is supposed to be supported then something must be wrong. If it is not on the list of supported cameras it doesn't matter if it is the same file type as your previous camera. It won't be supported until Adobe adds support for the specific model.

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            A little strange approach, but what to do.

            Need to wait for support from Adobe

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Again, this is not a "strange" approach. It's the way it is with raw photography. Anyone who purchases the latest and greatest camera is going to have to wait for support. It's not just Samsung, but rather every camera maker and every camera model that shoots raw.