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    InDesign 7.5.2 is out

    John Hawkinson Level 5

      InDesign CS5.5 revision 7.5.2 came out yesterday. According to the release notes, it addresses:


      Architecture / Document

      Error code: 5 when trying to open many files on Mac OS [2922941]

      ID quits unexpectedly when saving (as) a document with name containing illegal shift-JIS/MacEncodingJapan byte sequences [2885535]

      InDesign quits unexpectedly when opening a document containing installed fonts with unrecognized font family [2923724]

      Some extension panels won't open when documents titled with certain characters are open [2917124]

      Some extension panels cease to function when documents titled with Russian characters are open [2932558]

      Address instability in layers panel [2923714, 2923725]



      InDesign quits unexpectedly when exporting a document containing composite fonts to EPUB. [2832559]

      Error in epub opened on ibooks if a discretionary hyphen is in the story [2889349]

      An extra space is in the DTD declaration in the HTML file for ebooks [2889353]



      Document installed fonts not used in placed EPS when exporting to PDF [2917336]

      Unable to place PNG files containing large color profiles, giving error "Cannot place this file. Invalid PNG file" [2880720]

      InDesign quits unexpectedly after copying a graphic and scheduling a close document command. [2923717]


      Print / PDF


      Inset text frames near page borders may be mispositioned when exported to PDF [2874266]

      InDesign quits unexpectedly after PDF export. [2873782]

      InDesign quits unexpectedly when printing separations with accented characters in spot color name [2934118]



      Text subscript/superscript sizes set to zero and can't be changed in Turkish version [2895926]

      InDesign may hang when multiple font groups with the same name are installed [2919511]

      InDesign quits unexpectedly when importing tagged text with missing hyperlink name [2923721]

      InDesign quits unexpectedly when text focus crosses outside text model range during table operation [2923728]




      XML links lose format information on relink [2917351]


      Also, these issues fixed in CS5.5 7.5.1 were still in the release notes but are not newly fixed:


      Unable to insert a line break with the Return key in the Swedish version [2884727]

      Background PDF export fails for certain files if preflight is enabled. [2824068]

      Can't change XSLT file when relinking XML files [2823961]

      Excel-specific import prefs are not retained when placing Excel file into a graphic frame [2808639]

      Problem accessing shared linked file from multiple InDesign instances running on different machines [2851854]

      CS5 plug-ins can be loaded in CS5.5, leading to code conflicts and instability  [2867833]