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    Original video file date changes when imported

    Steve HomeMovies.Ca

      When I import video files, the date of the original source file gets changed to the date of my importing it.


      Premiere Pro CS4 never did that. Why is CS5.5 changing the date of the source file ??




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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          If you have the Write XMP ID To Files On Import preference set, Premiere Pro will write an XMP ID number into a source file when you import it. That advances the modification date of the file.

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            Steve HomeMovies.Ca Level 1

            Hi Todd, --


            I think you are saying my 'write xmp id to files on import' must be turned ON somehow. I did not do that, so if it is turned ON, it must be ON by default ?


            It was both 'date created' AND 'date modified' that were being changed to the date of import.


            Ok, I found that. It is turned ON by default, I turned it OFF. I also turned OFF the next one too - 'enable clip and xmp metadata linking'.


            I just did a test import, and the 'date modified' of the video files on the hard drive has not changed. Thank you.  VERY MUCH.   


            But, I have other problems too, with PP, and video file dates.


            There's a 'date created' and a 'date modified' for video files. Plus, with Windows 7, there's a few more dates - 'date of content' etc.


            My original untouched video file dates do not make any sense. 'Date Modified' is showing the date the video files were recorded. 'Date Created' is showing the date I copied the video files from the camera stick to the hard drive.


            That makes no sense. They should be the reverse.


            Why why why after 30 some odd years have the computer engineers NEVER made video files dates the same as digital photo files, with 'Date Taken'.




            I have multiple cameras. For each event or trip or whatever I often take several 1,000 photos and videos. It's an absolute necessity to be able to mass import chronologically. The only way I can integrate / import them all in chronological order is by Date originally Taken, and then immediately drag all the files to the timeline while they are still all collectively highlighted in the order I just imported them all by date.


            PP only allows for imports by 'date taken' for photos and 'date modified' for video files. And, if I don't immediately drag the imported files to the timeline while they are all still highlighted without doing anything else first, the bin window re-arranges them all by filename, and there is no way to later re-arrange them by dates.


            This is extremely aggravating and impossible to work with for my need to import then later work with multiple-source recorded files chronologically.


            All these 'date' problems for video files really totally screws that.



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