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    Premiere 10 won't accept clip


      I was starting a new project and had maybe a clios in the time line.  The first two clips had stills in the same slots in video 2 and I put an opacity effect on each.  When I went to drag a another video clip from the organizer, it turned a weird green color and  and I couldn't get it to run.  Despite several restarts.  It also led me to several freezes in the process.  I'm running an HP Pavilion with an i7processor  and 8 gigs of RAM.  I canlive with the occasional freeze.  but this is maddening.  Maybe it is best to add effects at the end after assembling all the clips?  Or is it putting a still opposite a video clip?  Is that clip 'contaminated' and should I recapture it?





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          VDOSurfer Level 3

          What version of PrE are you talking about? Where are your clips from? How diid you capture them in the first instance?

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            tamzunc Level 1

            The version is Pr 9, came loaded in the computer.  The clips were capture via 1394 direct from Vixia HV 30.  I tned to make my videos with a lot of short of clips.  I often get the feeling that if I save very frequently and also close and reopen the program that I can avoid freezes.  This, however, is different.


            Just to re-clarify:  1)  I had around 10-15 clips open in the time line.  I had two video clip at the begging of the timeline, and in the correspond place at the beginning of video 2, 2 stills.  I then applied 30% opacity to the photo clips to create a kind of mask over the video.  Then when I went to take a another video clip from the organizer to the timeline, the event I described above ocurred.


            Thanks for any thoughts.

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              VDOSurfer Level 3

              The camcorder is HDV. Were your project settings matching those? i.e. 1440x1080 HDV 1080i?

              Was there any activation done? This requires MPEG2 activation, and if that is not done, you could have some decode issues. This is an automatic process. As soon as an MPEG2 clip is imported/generated through render, an activation UI blossoms to the bottom right of the app UI and that ensures the codec is activated. Hope you had a "Yes" in the Windows UAC prompt as a result of this. The captured file is saved some place in the computer. Can you go to that folder and see if you can play it back correctly in any other player? vlc?

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                tamzunc Level 1

                The camcorder was run in DV mode, and I've had this work well before.



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Make sure you've got the latest version of Quicktime. And go to the nVidia or ATI site and ensure you've got the latest drivers for your video graphics card.


                  These things have more of an effect on performance than most people realize!

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                    VDOSurfer Level 3

                    Could you explain what you mean by you have had it working well before?

                    1. Were the same clips working before? (If so, check what has changed. One or all of these should be checked. Drivers/QuickTime/additional codecs/additional software that install codecs)

                    2. Were other clips from the same camera working and now stopped working? (If so, check the firewire cable drivers and the codec stuff mentioned in the previous point)

                    3. Was PRE9 working fine with these clips and now it is not? (If so, see if the playback improves when you uninstall and reinstall it.)

                    4. Are other clips exhibiting the same behavior? (Go back to a previous restore point, if you have one set. Do the other stuff mentioned in the previous points)


                    Are you able to playback the clip outside of PrE9?

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                      Aniks Level 2

                      Also, to see whether the clip is corrupted or not, just double click to see the preview in PRE. If still it shows green frames, then there is problem with your clips.

                      Also try to play it using some external player - VLC media player for instance.