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    Designing a Form... ¿Impossible Mission?


      Hi, I need to solve an ancestral problema on my organization with forms. But firstly I need to take a clear concept of what should I do to solve little problems:


      - Headers: how can I define the header of the document that has to be in the top of each page? In Adobe Acrobat it was a simple question, but I can't find the way to get this with LiveCycle. Important: I need to include some fields in this header. All fields content will be the same in the rest of pages.


      - How can I make the content (fields and text) jumping to next pages when some fields grown? Is there a way to configure margins on a page? I can't find anything about this... and my fields grown and grown going out from the page when I need them to jump in the next page.


      - Can I change the border of a table? (yes... that is a simple task on a lot of software, but I can't find a solution on LiveCycle...) I need to customize borders separately...


      If someone had this problems before and solved them, please light me!


      thank you so much.

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          pguerett Level 6

          Headers and any other content are best placed on teh Master page. When a page is created for your form you can indicate which Master page you want to associate with it, then that Master page and your page are combined to gether to make the page that you see. On the Mater page is a content area (marked in pink) . This area defines the place where your content from your regular page will appear. If you have a Header make sure it is outside of this content area otherwise you may overwrite content on the master page with content on your page. Lastly if you want fields to appear in the header (I asume that you want thesme value to appear on every page that references these fields) then set the binding (on the binding tab) to global and that will ensure that changes made to teh field on any page will be reflected on all pages.


          The content in fields can "flow" across pages but the form has to be saved as a dynamic PDF and the form must be built correctly. The container that houses the object must be a flowed container. There are samples of this that ship with the prodcuct. Have a look at the Dynamic Interacctive Purchase Order. Pay attention to the hierarchy of the design. The comments field is a good example of what you are trying to accomplish.


          The table borders can be changed by clicking on the Table object (easiest from the hierarcy view) and adjusting the color and size of the borders from the Border palette.


          Hope that helps