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    Change in database structure (adding fields to tables)




      this question is about optimal workflow.


      My application running well today, I now need to add more stuff. This requires that I add more fields to some tables in the MySQL database and exploit them accordingly inside the application.


      step 1 :


      change the database


      step 2 :


      the services do not work anymore and need to be adapted.


      Here is my question:

      Should I edit the xyzservices.php manually to reflect the new fields (as these services are basically CRUD services, I would need to change several places inside the file),




      Should I regenerate the services automatically with the wizard, however risking that other things brake in the application.


      step 3:


      adapt the application take advantage of the new fields: no problem here


      I feel this is quite a tricky thing and would appreciate some opinions from the gurus.