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    App portal for iPAD

    bh.kanth Level 1

      Any mechanism where we can display list of apps and click on the same will launch the app in iPAD.

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          Dushyandh Level 1

          I've been hunting for the same requirement.

          Earlier for cross platform apps I used Sencha and Cue-me.

          We simply had to push the JS code to server, rest was with Cue-me.


          With flex I feel this should be hard since you would push a packaged app to your server and from there to your device.

          Concern 1: Size of the portal

                       2: Overheads in pushing heavier apps.

                       3: Version control / maintainence !! - (Could be very hard since everytime you would push a completely packaged app)


          Do let me know if you get something solid !



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            pauland Level 4

            Are either of you guys familiar with the app deployment restrictions on the IOS platform that specifically prevent deployment of apps without using Apples deployment system?

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              Dushyandh Level 1

              I do not mean to assort multiple apps on my application. The exact business requirement is to have a mobile portal using flex. This could be addressed as loading Dynamic components / pages, where each would be dedicated for a separate Line of business. This should also be maintained separately. In virtual sense, a HTML page with links, and each link could be developed / maintained independently without having to go through App store as a sequel version.   

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                Dushyandh Level 1

                Could we use something like loading swc as RSL, but however I also understand that flex converts the code the Native ARM, and to Apple's norms, compiling / loading dynamic code is not allowed. Is there any way that I could make my app like a web browser so that I could access my dynamic mobile codes. !!

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                  Shongrunden Adobe Employee

                  You might want to look into StageWebView or PhoneGap for HTML based resources.

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                    Dushyandh Level 1

                    Thanks a lot.


                    I was wondering if this should work ?!?


                    I know that there holds possibility of using Flex mobile library project,(include the AIR features check box),

                    refer this in another mobile application (main app) !


                    But will it be possible that I deploy the main app in Ipad / Android Tab, and refer the lib project from my server,

                    and make any changes to this lib file and expect that to reflect in my device - main app ?


                    I was wondering which one would work! Keeping in mind that there is some ARM code mapping done by flex IDE before porting to device.

                    So in what way can I make the lib file compatible without having to disturb the main app !

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                      drkstr_1 Level 4

                      Does anyone know if it's possible to launch an installed app through AIR or with a native extension?


                      Theoretically, one would be able to make a portal-like app by providing a "suite" of apps that get installed on the device, and a launcher app that allows you to navigate between them. We originally threw out the idea of a "modular" application, but given the easy(ish) nature of pushing app updates, I wonder if this would be a possibility.

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                        Dushyandh Level 1

                        It is not possible to assort a suite of apps !! That violates apple's norms. What the rest of providers do in market is use JS + HTML5. Thus they have a single app thro app store and other contained apps in their portal is but a link that opens withing the app. The user is deceived that they are independent apps. So when it comes to maintainence, they can make a simple code push from server, rather than to go with APP store as version Update. (APP store's a painfull time consumping process for portals).


                        As for AIR / Native deployment, I guess in Android it launches as AIR and IOS with Native since there is a code conversion to native ARM. (I cannot state with proof though).


                        I was wondering if we could have lib files in a server location and refer from it. If no other go then I would have to settle with StageWebView or PhoneGap. But that again goes for HTML content which is pointless to use with FB 4.5 !