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    How to make the cursor stable on the same row of a datagrid after a button clicking in flex4

    Venkatesan Balasubramanian

      hi friends,


      I am doing mxml flex4 web application,i am using one data grid and one button called paid.


      default status of first column of all the records in that grid is "To be pay"


      when i click a record from datagrid then click that button means that time that record first column will change to "To be pay" to "paid".


      my problem is after clicking the paid button the cursor status not stable in the current row, the status change to"paid"but the cursor not in the same row after that      process.


      My requirement is:


      how i make the cursor stable on the same row of that datagrid after cliking the paid button;


      Please give usful suggession or sample.



      Thanks in advance,