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    hw to make multiple row select in datagrid and how to add and save both values  using primary column

    Venkatesan Balasubramanian Level 1

      hi friends,



      i am doing flex4 mxml web apps. i am struck in this place,


      i am having one grid and save button,


      My need is how to make multiple row selection datagrid  and how to save both selected records values,


      if i select one record then click save means that one records onlywill  save,


      if i select two records then click save menas that two records should save.


      how to check conditon for this..?


      after selection 2 records from datagrid then  click save button means both records value should added and save.(set any one of the column as a primary)





      if i am having students details in that grid means



      studentname  studentclass subject1 subject2   total



      ramu                       8th            80           60            140


      ravi                          8th             60           70            130



      now i am writing code using student class as primary column now both row having 8th. using this condition how to add the total marks(140+130=270)





      Thanks in advance,


      looking for useful suggession and snippet code.