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    How to open each CS version file in its proper version program when double-clicked?


      Hello everyone,



      This one is about the coexistence of Indesign CS4 and CS5.



      In my company: I'm working with Indesign CS4, but a colleague is testing CS5 in real day-to-day works, and everyday I come across CS5 files that I need to correct, so I have CS5 installed too. Now, when I boot in the morning, and no Indesign program is open yet, whenever I double-click on an Indesign file, the system will open it with CS5, no matter if the file is CS4 or CS5. I find this quite annoying, of course. I want each version file to get open right away in the proper version of the program. I'd think this is happening to a lot of people, but I've been looking for the issue in the forums and haven't found anything.

      Of course I'm using roundabouts like having my colleague write "_CS5" at the end of each file, put CS4 in my startup items (so that once the program is open, the issue works the other way around and any Indesign file opens just in CS4 when double-clicked…).

      Also, all the Indesign files appear on the desktop as CS5 files



      I would welcome any ideas on the subject, thanks!