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    Not able to link PremPro CS5.5 file to AE CS5.5

    KateMorgan Level 1

      I have the full version of Adobe Master Collection CS4.  Because Prem Pro CS4 was so full of bugs I had to upgrade Prem Pro to CS5.5 last May to finish a project for a client.  I could not afford or want to upgrade the entire collection as I hardly use many of the software packages supplied. 


      Now that I need to work with files between Prem Pro and AE I upgraded my AE to 5.5.  I pulled in a project to Prem Pro CS5.5 and then selected  a section of a clip and selected "replace file with AE file...(the wording might be a tad different but you get the idea) in the drop down menue.  Now I get the message I  need to upgrade the "entire" Master Collection in order to use this feature.  I don't get it!  Why would I need to upgrade software that I don't use for video work???  Is there a way I can use these two software packages to work and link together like they used to in CS4?  I know I can still pull up my CS4 programs but Prem Pro CS4 is useless to me because of its bug issues.  I just can't afford to upgrade the entire collection to use two programs since I had already paid over $500 to upgrade these two programs.  Help.  Thanks.