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    get video dimensions




      how do i get video width and height?

      Ive set up the simplest of all video players just using a mediaContainer and mediaPlayer.

      mediaContainer width and height are set to 640x360px (16:9).

      when i load a 4:3 video i know that the video is set to 480x360 to maintain the aspect ratio.

      But as i am working with a dynamic size for the video player i am searching for an easy way

      to get the size of the current video. I know that i could do it by taking the aspect ratio of the

      video from the metadata and calculate the size by myselt, but there must be an easier way to do it?!




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          schreiter Level 1

          Thanks for the quick answer.


          This is either not what i was looking for or i might be to stupid right now


          This is what ive done:


          private function playSingleStream(source:String):void


              _streamResource = new StreamingURLResource(source, _streamType, start, _streamEnd);

              _streamResource.urlIncludesFMSApplicationInstance = true;


              _streamElement = new VideoElement(_streamResource, _netLoader);

              _streamElement.smoothing = true;

              _streamElement.addEventListener(MediaElementEvent.TRAIT_ADD, traitAddHandler);

              _mediaPlayer.media = _streamElement;





          private function traitAddHandler(e:MediaElementEvent):void


              if(e.traitType == MediaTraitType.DISPLAY_OBJECT)


                  var t:VideoElement = e.currentTarget as VideoElement;

                  var dp:DisplayObjectTrait = t.getTrait("displayObject") as DisplayObjectTrait;

                  dp.addEventListener(DisplayObjectEvent.MEDIA_SIZE_CHANGE, mediaSizeChangeHandler);




          private function mediaSizeChangeHandler(e:DisplayObjectEvent):void






          i am still only getting the original size of the video in mediaSizeChangeHandler.

          also the MEDIA_SIZE_CHANGE is not triggered when i resize the videoplayer although video the video

          is definitly resized because it is displayed in correct size and place.