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    Auto alternating master pages?


      Hi all. I have a query regarding master pages. I've seen a few similar threads but nothing quite what I'm after.

      In a nutshell we have hundreds of books in ID CS5.5 designed as spreads as you'd expect. However when the books go to the editing stage, having the story editor open, alongside the entire spread, makings editing pages quite fiddly. You constantly need to scroll, zoom in, zoom out, in again etc, and there are users doing this all day. I am wondering if there is a way of not having the facing pages, but for all intents and purposes every other page will alternate in that the header and page number alignment will be different. Two master pages is an option but is there a way to alternate them automatically without selecting every other page and applying the second/right hand master page?

      Other than that I thought you could turn off facing pages, use the editor and make changes, then turn the facing pages back on, but it doesn't quite revert to how it was before turning them off.