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    Upgrade to ATCS 3.5


      We currently use ATCS 2.5, and need to do analysis to determine if we'd benefit from an upgrade to 3.5.

      Docs created in FrameMaker 9 >help generated in RoboHelp 8


      We are about to add the following devices that require help:

      iPad Help

      Android Mobile Client Help

      iPhone Mobile Client Help

      Potential Android tablet Help


      Would we stand to benefit from upgrading to 3.5?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Unfortunately I don't believe RoboHelp yet offers a help format targeted for those devices.


          The latest versions of RoboHelp offer an ePub format, but that's an eBook format. Not a help system.


          Cheers... Rick


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            johndaigle Level 4

            Hi, fradog

            I'm just curious here. Sometimes the term "help system" can mean several things. Would this be some kind of context sensitive help system to support an iPad/Android application, or would it be more a free-standing "knowledge base" of information?

            If it's just a knowledge base, it occurs to me that even a conventional WebHelp or maybe ePub output might work. The WebHelp could be viewed in a web browser and the ePub format can be viewed from an ePub Reader of which there are many freebies out there.


            I have an ePub reader for my Samsung Galaxy S 2. I use an Android app called Aldiko and I've seen one for iPad and iPhone as well. You can access the TOC and it's quite comfortable to read. I can download the ePub file to my SD card or directly to the phone and read it offline easily.


            This may not be what you had in mind, but I thought I'd just throw it out there.


            As for the future, I see that Adobe Captivate already has an HTML5 mobile version in Adobe Labs which you can test for free. I can't know for sure, but logic tells me Adobe RoboHelp will accommodate HTML5 at some point.


            John Daigle

            Adobe Certified RoboHelp and Captivate Instructor

            Evergreen, Colorado