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    RH9.0 HTML - Disappearing Folders

    steve.norris Level 1

      This just keeps getting weirder and weirder!


      Further to the problems with merged help and multiple browsers, I now have dissapearing folders!


      I have reconstructed my original help project numerous times now in an attempt to perm any combination that works and it just seems to be getting worse.

      I have a folder structure in the Project Manager view which I recreate each time when I re-import all the original html files etc.

      1. I create a new project
      2. In Project Manager view I create a named folder
      3. I import the original files into the folder
      4. I create another named folder .. and continue until the structure is complete
      5. I re-import the TOC
      6. I copy the child CHMs into the root of the project
      7. I re-merge the child CHMs then I notice a broken link in the TOC.


      In the Project Manager, the folder which contained the file is missing (yet it still exists in Windows Explorer)

      I have to delete the entry in the root.fpj file to allow me to recreate the folder but when I hit the return key the folder dissapears again (but not always).

      I thought I would be clever and keep a backup copy of the project before merging but the folder dissapeared from that too.


      Any clues anyone?