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    Highlighting .as code inside <fx:Script> in .mxml

    Ted Moens



      In a nutshell, when using Flashbuilder as an Eclipse Plugin I have the following problem in my .mxml files:


                .as code is not highlighted
                code completion does not work here


      I am using SpringSource Tool Suite 2.8 as my packaged Eclipse (32 bit version because Flashbuilder does not yet support 64 bit version -grrrrrrr-)


      I am using the Eclipse perspective


      Standalone .as files are highlighted and work just fine.


      If I edit the problematic .as file in a standalone version of Flashbuilder, it works just fine.


      As far as I can tell, the Window->Preferences->Flash Builder->Editors and W->P->General->Editors are set up identically in the plugin Flashbuilder and the standalone Flashbuilder.


      I did Google this problem and found only one unanswered question in the Adobe Forums.


      Can anyone help?