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    Geolocation problems? Best practices?

    i_bullock Level 1

      Hello All,


      I'm working on an app that uses the GeoLocation class for Android Platform.


      While testing the app we've come across some problems while geolocating. Specifically with one device (Samsung Galaxy Fascinate/Captivate etc.). While on another (HTC Incredible S), the app + GPS seems to work just fine.


      On the particular device a button seemingly ceases to accept clicks while the GPS is active. This problem seems intermittent, or somehow related to a second running of the app.


      Has anyone else experienced issues like this? Is the phone maybe just running too slowly to register the click?



      I was also wondering if anyone out there has come up with, or knows of a best practice for dealing with inaccurate GPS results.


      Sometimes our app is reporting between 1 and 4 km accuracy! OUCH!



      Thanks in advance for any advice or assistance Adobe Community!




      Ian Bullock