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    CS5.5 So slow.

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      Im currently using After Effects CS5.5 on a computer with 6gm Ram, core i% 2.67ghz and installed on a 256gb HD and has its cache pointed to a 500gb HD.

      Even so, its so slow. Pretty much soon as I start it up my HD light never goes out, and it slows my system down. Today, I dragged a 10 second video clip to the timeline with an mp3. I tried to render 5 seconds of it and it just freezes up. It happens every time I ram preview. It will eventually play, but only after hanging for 5 minutes, then it springs into life. At which point I've switched to another app to pass the time and lost my windows of opportunity to watch the preview.

      I've disabled the use of multiple cores to render to see if that helps, but made no difference.

      It looks like im going to have to switch to Premiere pro and do my work there.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          You may think 6 gigs is a lot, but it's a woefully small amount of memory for AE 10.5.  That's evidenced by the amount of work your hard drive is doing; it's caching just to keep the application running.


          You need more memory.


          In the meantime, you really can't keep all sorts of applications open while you run AE; shut down all applications except for what's absolutely necessary.

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            X82 Level 1

            How much ram do you think I will ideally need?

            I'm building a new computer soon, I'm getting an SSD to use but also 8gb ram. I was going to go for 16gb but I was told it would pointless. What do you advise?

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              I don't know about SSD's yet; they're still too pricey for what you get, in my opinion. 

              But I tell you what: if you're building a new machine, you really owe it to yourself to check out the following:




              There is a ton of helpful information in that link.  It can help you figure out a useful machine that won't break the bank.  Everybody has to live within a budget, so it can help you made the best tradeoffs for your situation.

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