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    Combining a Flex FileInfo panel for Illustrator with an Illustrator Javascript

    aklyman Level 1

      I've got an Illustrator script (Javascript) that writes XMP based on the content of the artwork, but the script has to be manually triggered. I've got a custom FileInfo panel (built with Flex/AS3) to help me edit the XMP once stored.

      I'd like to combine the two, so the Script fires whenever the FileInfo panel opens.


      I can't do the DOM scripting directly in AS3, can I? I think that Illustrator is only open to Javascript, VB, and AppleScript. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


      Does anyone have any ideas how to call the javascript in the Scripts folder from an event in the FileInfo panel's SWF, and pass arguements back and forth? I've seen it done on webpages, but only when both the SWF  and javascript are on the same HTML page.