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    System.privateMemory vs System.totalMemory - values really different

    DaveGallant Level 1

      I have build a rather large game for the iPad.


      When running, following stats are reported:


      System.privateMemory = 121mb
      System.privateMemory (maxed out at 159mb)


      System.totalMemory = 9.82mb
      System.totalMemory maxed out at 17.9m


      As you play the game, go from area to area, section and menu and all the stuff a normal user does, the game memory goes up and up and up.


      Garabage collection is set to run at regular intervals to help and I have been straining myself for weeks trying to cut down memory usage, but my application is still be ejected by the iOS with because of low memory.


      What is the difference between private and total memory when running as an AIR 3.0 application on the mobile device, and why is there such a HUGE difference between the numbers and how can I get that private memory down to something more sensible?