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    Drop target size/orientation with skinned List changed from 4.0 to 4.5

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      I have a project that we recently moved from Flex/Flash Builder 4 to 4.5.  We have a skinned list with a horizontal orientation with the items in the list skinned with a button skin.  The user is allowed to drag buttons from a list of available items into another list of items they want.  When compiled in 4 with the 4.1 SDK, the drop area was the entire list area on the screen (it will hold about 5 of the buttons).  In 4.5, the drop area is only the width of 1 button, and appears to go down vertically instead of to the right horizontally.  If I extend the size of the list vertically, I can drop in any vertical position below the 'first' position, but cannot go to the right of the first position  to drop.


      It appears that whatever is computing the drop target area for the list is not honoring the layout of the list - it appears to always set up the drop area vertically.


      Again, all of this worked as expected in 4.1, it is only after compiling in 4.5 that this started.


      In addition, I had to add a call to event.stopImmediatePropagation() in the drop event handler, or else the item was added to the 'I want this' list 2x - I'm guessing 1x in my handler, and 1 additional time in a new 'automatic' drop handler for spark lists.


      Any idea how to fix the drop area?  It is very annoying for the users.


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          Never mind, found the problem.

          In our application, we also added a new menu and navigation bar.  The navigation bar has a 'history' panel that when you click on it, it 'swings down' and the user can click prior navigation points to return to.  This history panel, even though hidden with 'visible = false', was still blocking the drop area.  We had to set the history panel 'enabled = false' as well as 'visible = false' when it is not on the screen.  Once this was changed,  it quit blocking the drop area.  I found it when testing a different drag target that also fell under the 'history panel' area.