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    Where can I download Flash that ISNT on an Adobe server?


      Where can I download Flash from that "isn't" on an Adobe server?


      I can't donwload the installer from Adobe because I keep getting "Connection timed out". I have;

      - disabled everything that could interfer with a connection to anything, ie popups etc

      - disabled form of internet protection, ie antivirus

      - cleared cache, ie temp internet files, cookies, etc


      I currently have a vunerable system that can be penetrated because I have disabled every form of internet protection.


      I can download the installer from CNET/Download.com, but after i install the installer I cant connect to Adobe servers to download flash!


      So where can i get a full version of flash player for Firefox 3.6 that ISNT on an Adobe server. Dont tell me to install version 4 either, because i tried that.