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    Need help with a non-responsive text tool!


      I'll try to make this short.  I just started using a trial version of InDesign CS5.5 yesterday.  Made a lot of progess in learning to enter text (either 1) using the text tool de novo or 2) creating a frame and then entering text into that new frame with the text tool).  Learned to place photos of various types.  I'm putting together a poster presentation.  Created guide columns, entered the title and author list I wanted, etc.  Good progress.


      Then, today I wanted to change the color of the background.  I consulted this forum and learned I need to draw a frame, then I pick a color for the area in the frame.  Then set this as the bottom layer.  I did that, the other frames are floating on top, I've placed photos on top, etc.


      I have found, though, that while I can draw additional frames on the poster workboard, something seriously wrong is going on with my ability to enter text in these new frames.  I also cannot create a text frame de novo, by using the text tool to begin with.


      A review of past postings suggests that perhaps I inadvertantly double-clicked the background layer and that somehow makes it impossible to enter text in a new frame in the ordinary way.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might solve this problem?  I'd be forever grateful for any help you might offer---I'm desperate!!




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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You need to put that background frame not only on its own layer but you need to lock it as well.





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            JohnH23 Level 1

            Hello Bob, and thank you,

            You're right I'm sure.  I think somehow I toggled something on that background layer that made it hard to enter text, somehow someways.  What I did is I simply created another poster file and then manually transfered all my frames into the new poster.  Quick and simple so far-----I think I will carry out the construction of my poster completely, then at the end add the layer that I will fill with a color, to make a background.  I think I need, then, to make sure this layer is at the absolute bottom of my layer list.  This is a little scary, but I think I can manage it.



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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              By default, if you click with the text tool inside any sort of empty frame, whether drawn with the text tool or not, it converts to a text frame. This makes it impossible to draw a text frame on top of an unlocked empty shape in the background. You can change this, if you like, in the preferences, but you will get used to it fairly quickly once you understand what is happening.

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                AlanGilbertson Level 1

                Adding to what Peter said, it's easy to have this happen invisibly. You use the text tool to start dragging out a new frame, but the moment you click the underlying colored frame opens. The text cursor is now blinking in the top left-hand corner of that frame, possibly hidden under an object placed over it, certainly not in the place you're looking. It appears that nothing is working right with the text tool.


                A quick test, when something like this happens, is to press Escape. If you immediately get the black arrow selection tool, and a frame is selected, then your text cursor WAS in the frame that is now selected. Lock that frame, and things will return to normal. (There's another, better fix, but I'd rather not overcomplicate things for you at this stage.)