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    Premiere Elements 10 Works Hardly At All.


      My System exceeds the minimum requirements, but the software hardly works.


      System:Intel DuoCore E8400 @ 3 Gz, 3.25 Gig usable RAM, nVidia 8600GT Graphics, XP Pro SP3, 32-bit processing..

      I shoot MPEG 1920/1080 29.97fps videos with a Panasonic HDC-TM700 camcorder.


      The video appearing in the monitor(set to automatic, not highest)) is VERY choppy and completely unusable. It's impossible to get an accurate read on what's actually happening. Can't add titles, transitions, or effects and get decent playback, everything is out of sync with the video clip. There appears to be no way to generate proxy files to possibly improve monitor playback, Software costing a lot less can generate a proxy file automatically. It is disturbing to see the lack of user controls within PE10.  If it's not possible to advance past the point of basic clip monitoring, there's no reason to continue with PE10.......please advise.