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    DVCPRO import in PP5 - Can't do it!


      Hi All,


      Really need some help sorting this out.  Seems like something that should be possible, but i can't make it work.


      I have HD footage shot on Panasonic DVCPRO tape.  I have a sony hvr-m15u deck that I'm trying to use to get the footage into my computer. 


      Using some project settings I can get the record button to show, and the control buttons in PP will control the deck (I hear it moving and the counter does move), but the picture won't show up and when I hit record it says something to the effect of "no frames captured".


      Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated.  I have about 25 tapes, and the difference betwee me importing myself or paying to have it done will be costly...  :-)



      Thanks for the time,