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    Web Service Question with custom event

      Ok,I have two files I am working with.(My Custom AS Class,and the core flash movie that will use this file).I am connecting to a webservice using my AS Class known as MyWebUtility .In the MyWeb Utility class I have a custom event known as DataFilled.THis is used when the service is returned so I can retrieve data back to the core application.I have debugged this with a trace statement and the event is fired from the core but I do not get data returned from my custom event property called XMLData...Is there a better way to do this or what can I do to create this to work.My problem is that the function result is an asyn function that fires and the core code needs the return value...... That is why I wrote a custom event to caputre when the result function(CUstom Class) is fired.As I metioned it fires and the results are available when I use trace but they do not get populated to my custom property of my event .