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    Detect right click on textinput and richeditabletext

    Godly_Dev Level 1

      I am currently using squiggle to perform spellchecking of a few TextInput and RichEditableText components. Unfortunately, due to certain requirements, I cannot use SpellUI, and must instead implement my own version.

      I have succeeded in getting spellCheck() to check and underline incorrectly spelt words. I am now trying to populate a list of suggested corrections into the context menu when someone right clicks on a word.

      I have attached an event listener to the richeditabletext's context menu, which is being fired everytime someone right clicks:


      richtexteditor.contextMenu.addeventListener(ContextMenuEvent.MENU_SELECT, showSuggestions);

      Here is my handler:

      private function showSuggestions(event:ContextMenuEvent):void{


      The problem is that I need to be able to know which word the mouse cursor was pointing over. I have tried using richtexteditor.selectionActivePosition, but this shows the position of the carat in the richeditabletext, and not the location of the mouse cursor.

      I need the behaviour to be like the one in squiggly's SpellUI: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/squiggly/demo/#app=dba7&b322-selectedIndex=0

      How can I grab the location of the mouse cursor and determine which word it's pointing over?

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          I have exactly the same issue, no idea how to find the position of the right click event.

          Godly_dev, did you find a solution for this?

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            Carol L. Frampton Level 2

            I'm not sure if there is a better way but I think this would work.


            I think you need to work with TextLines to map the mouse position to the word.


            To get at the TextLines from RichEditableText you can use the mx_internal getter textContainerManager.


                mx_internal function get textContainerManager():TextContainerManager


            And in the TextContaimer manager you can use these to get at the TextLines


            public function getLineAt(index:int):TextLine


            public function get numLines():int


            Once you have TextLines you can use TextLine.getAtomIndexAtPoint(stageX, stageY) to get at the word.




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              vascopiff Level 1


              Thank you!! It's exactly the way I found to solve this issue. Not elegant at all but it works.

              I'm attaching a simple chunk of code that i did to make some test.



              This function finds the text index position of the mouse over the text.

              (this.lastY and this.lastX are the last position coordinates of mouse over the TextArea component)


              private function buildContextMenu(event:ContextMenuEvent):void{  

                 var textFlow:IFlowComposer = RichEditableText(this.textDisplay).textFlow.flowComposer;  

                 var textline:TextLine;

                 var textFlowLine:TextFlowLine;

                 var indexCount:int = 0;


                 for(var i:int; i<textFlow.numLines; i++){

                  textFlowLine = textFlow.getLineAt(i);

                  textline = textFlow.getLineAt(i).getTextLine(true);


                  //trace("line("+i+"): "+textline.atomCount);

                  if(this.lastY > textFlowLine.getBounds().y && this.lastY < textFlowLine.getBounds().y + textFlowLine.getBounds().height){

                   for(var k:int; k<textline.atomCount; k++){

                    if(this.lastX > textline.getAtomBounds(k).x && this.lastX < textline.getAtomBounds(k).x + textline.getAtomBounds(k).width){












                 //trace("indexCount: "+indexCount);


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                Anjum Shahzad Malik Level 1

                Can anybody please help me to underline/draw squiggly line below the missspelled words?

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                  Anjum Shahzad Malik Level 1

                  Hi Vacsopiff,


                  your above code is not working in case of multiple line. if i have more than one line then its returing last atom index always.


                  Can you guide me to resolve this issue please?

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                    vascopiff Level 1

                    Hi, did you find out what's wrong with multiline? Actually, I'm using that code in a multiline controller too and I don't have problems, so I don't know how to guide you to solve the issue .... but if you find some bug please let us know!!!