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    custom panel icons - how to export when creating .mxi file or package in .zxp ?

    simo.b Level 1

      I'm trying to create a custom icon for my panel when docked in Photoshop CS5 (Mac).


      I can use the steps outlined in a recent post (create 2 .png files and place them manually in the plug ins/panels/MyPanel/Content folder after the panel has been exported).


      How can I get them to be automatically placed when I export the .mxi file ? - If I place the 2 .png files in the .gpc assets folder they get exported to the directory: plug ins/panels/MyPanel/Content/MyPanel.assets folder instead.


      If I'm going to pakage the panel as a .zxp file, is there a suitable file token I can add to the .mxi file to move them instead ?


      Thanks in advance