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    How to automate this unique image sequence?

    R A Johnson

      Greetings All,


      This is something I've been trying to figure out how to do for a while but have never found a solution.

      Let's say that I have a rather large number of still images (say 100+) that I want to place on a video track. All the images are unique and have been set to a duration of approximately 5 frames (doesn't really matter, but a relatively short interval). Now let's say I want to SPACE each of these 100 images by 5 seconds (or 150 frames, at 30 fps).


      So in summary, I have 100 unique, still images in my bin, all with a duration of 5 frames. I want to put them all in one video track but spaced apart by 150 frames. Is there any quick way to automate this process rather than having to manually space them one by one? Thanks.