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    3D Intersecting questino

      Just a quick question...
      A way to detect if two sprites have made contact, you can use the "intersects", which is super simple and effective, however, it does not work in 3D lingo.
      I'd like to learn the easiest way to detect if a 3d model (a box ,for example) collides with another 3d model (another box).
      EG: Drag a 3D model to the right until it passes into another 3D model and you are alerted that they collided.

      I know about the collisionmodifier and how to add it etc, however, I'm looking for the most simple method that is much like using the "intersects" in normal lingo.
      This is because I'm not the best programmer at this point, so I'm not fully understanding the other methods just yet...
      Could anyone help me out please? Thank you....
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          duckets Level 1
          Unfortunately, accurate collision detection in 3d is a pretty complex area that you'll have to read up on. There are a number of methods which can be used.

          The most simple method would be to simply measure the distance between the two model's centre points, which would give you a basic spherical collision. This obviously isn't very accurate though.

          There's also the 'havoc' xtra, which can detect and resolve collisions in a full physics simulation, and there is 'modelsUnderRay' which you can use to detect collisions along a specific 'ray' cast from a certain point along a line in the world.

          For modelsUnderRay info, See:

          hope this helps!

          - Ben